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According to the
Department of Transport

Computerised Vehicle Routing and Scheduling provides:

Operational cost reductions of between 10-20%

The means to grow a business without having to increase staff

Competitive advantages through increased efficiencies and better internal communication

The easiest way to calculate the costs and benefits of a routing and scheduling solution for your business

Running costs

Current operating cost:
£47,250 per month

Tariff name:

Estimated monthly savings

Monthly subscription cost

Monthly net savings


Other intangible benefits

Maxoptra Lite

Estimated monthly savings


Monthly subscription cost


Monthly net savings



Maxoptra Complete

Estimated monthly savings


Monthly subscription cost


Monthly net savings

  • New level of customer satisfaction
  • Higher driving discipline

Maxoptra Premium

Estimated monthly savings


Monthly subscription cost


Monthly net revenue growth

  • Highly integrated solution into your business/IT environment
  • Dedicated success manager and on-site support
  • Real-time decision making support for dynamic business
Manual Planning tick tick tick
Automated Planning tick tick tick
Order import - file and API tick tick tick
Printable driver manifest tick tick tick
Schedule export in Excel tick tick tick
Real-time Track and Trace tick tick
ETA (based on historical traffic) tick tick
Connection to telematics and SatNavs* tick tick
Go Paperless with electronic job dispatch and signature capture tick tick
Mobile workflow(Job status updates, Signature capture, Photos) tick tick
SMS notifications tick tick
Website widget to keep customers informed about their deliveries tick tick
Real-time schedule adjustment tick tick
On-site implementation and training tick
Customized integrations tick
Bespoke reporting tick
All add-ons included tick
24/7 support tick
In addition to our core routing and optimisation solutions we offer a range of addition ‘ad on’ options; contact our team to find out more:
  • Multi Day Optimisation: dynamically allocate your delivery slot, or service call, on the most efficient day for you and your customer. This additional functionality allows companies to maximise resource use and extend fleet coverage through more effective, multi day, route planning.
  • Website & Delivery Performance Widgets: allow your customers to track real time delivery progress on your website with our Website Widget while our ‘Rate my Delivery’ feature facilitates the collection of real customer feedback in the form of a Trust Pilot-style scoring system.
  • Order items management: this allows you to scan barcode of each item individually as it’s loaded on, and off, your vehicles.
  • Truck routing: takes into consideration all kinds of trucks attributes - size/weight restrictions and forbidden areas for trucks.
  • ETA based on real-time traffic: gives you accurate ETA estimations based on actual roads conditions.

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