Award Winning Pet Food Manufacturer Chooses Pedigree Routing & Scheduling Solution

Award Winning Pet Food Manufacturer Chooses Pedigree Routing & Scheduling Solution

LONDON, March 2014 – Natures Menu, Europe’s largest raw pet food manufacturer and winner of the 2013 Pet Industry Award’s ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ has chosen Maxoptra, the leading real-time dynamic routing and scheduling solution from Magenta Technology, to ensure high customer service levels are maintained as the business grows.

Natures Menu has grown substantially over recent years thanks to its focus on delivering quality raw pet food and providing a high level of service to its customers. With such rapid growth also comes challenges and continuing to improve on the high level of customer service and ensuring orders were effectively managed and delivered were key objectives for the company.

The existing electronic order management system in place at Natures Menu could no longer cope with the increasing number and complexity of the orders they were receiving.

As such the company needed a system that was able to quickly and easily schedule delivery jobs, so that they could plan vehicle capacities, routes and expected delivery times to enable them to immediately respond to customer queries. After a tough selection process Natures Menu chose Maxoptra recommended by Independent Tracking as part of a total solution which included fitting TomTom telematics to all of their delivery vehicles.

The team at Magenta impressed Natures Menu with their depth of understanding of the logistics business.

According to Craig Taylor, Managing Director “Magenta played a key role in the total end-to-end processes and IT transformation that Natures Menu undertook in 2013, providing the foundation to scale the business, build on the high levels of customer service enjoyed by our customers while at the same time reducing mileage and fuel consumption for the business.”

Maxoptra provided the company with a highly sophisticated real time dynamic scheduling and routing system. The solution is very simple and intuitive to use thereby enabling staff to quickly become proficient with real time dynamic scheduling and routing of orders. Track and trace functionality enables customer service personnel to immediately see any issues with deliveries and be proactive in contacting the customer.

Since implementation, Natures Menu has seen a number of benefits from using the system. The sophisticated scheduling functionality has considerably reduced mileage and fuel consumption, with the data that has been received back from the driver’s TomTom devices and collated into intelligent reports in Maxoptra providing valuable management information and insight that has led to improved driver performance and discipline.

Significantly improved business efficiencies have enhanced customer service. The customer service team are now able to track orders and see real-time delivery times, reducing by up to three hours per person per day the amount of time spent on contacting drivers or customers, and on overall administration. Customer satisfaction rates have improved which have proven very important to a company that is proud of the high quality service levels it provides. “This proves that Maxoptra can provide a valuable cloud-based scheduling and routing solution to smaller organisations.” said Stuart Brunger, Head of Business Development at Magenta,

“We are making available a real-time dynamic offering that can make a significant impact on their profit margins and customer service levels.”

About Magenta Technology
Since 1999, Magenta Technology have specialised in developing advanced technology solutions and real-time dynamic software scheduling solutions for the transportation, medical and field service industries. We enable our customers to make their businesses more profitable by doing more with the same resources – lowering operational costs by up to 30%.

Our solutions provide customers with competitive advantage by achieving significantly higher utilisation of their assets and delivering superior customer services than currently experienced, increasing margins while enabling them to manage the complexities of an increasingly unpredictable world. Customers include Avis UK, Gist, Corporate Solutions, Coperforma and many others.

Magenta Technology is a UK-based, privately held company, with over 100 employees in the UK and Russia and forms part of the Eurovestech (EVT) portfolio of companies.

About Natures Menu
Natures are the leading experts in natural and raw dog and cat foods. Turning to Mother Nature for its unrivalled recipes, answers to common well-being issues and a happier, more content pet. Our award winning range of complete and balanced raw meals for pets provide a convenient and simple way to feed your pet a healthy raw diet every day. With over 30 years of knowledge and expertise making raw and natural pet foods Natures Menu can assure the highest level of safety, palatability and nutrition, creating foods that nourish your pets in the way nature intended.

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