Autumn Maxoptra Distribution Release

Autumn Maxoptra Distribution Release

We are pleased to announce significant progress this autumn in product development for Maxoptra’s Route Optimisation Software, with the introduction of three major upgrades for operators within the Distribution Industry.

1. Customer location update upon arrival When a driver arrives at a customer location they tap the “Arrive” button on their mobile app. The system suggests that they should update the customer location according to the current position. By tapping the “Yes” button, a driver verifies the location and a dispatcher sees this in the system. If the “No” button is tapped, the customer address does not change and remains unverified.

2. Deliveries from home The working day of a driver typically starts and ends at a warehouse. However, sometimes it can be far more convenient to start the driver’s working day from their home, so that the driver can then drop off or collect orders from suppliers on their way to the warehouse. This “Allow deliveries from home” setting enables route scheduling to start from the home address. As a result, drivers can load their vehicle at the warehouse in the evening and deliver those orders the next morningafter starting the run from home. This new function reduces mileage, saving valuable time and money.

3. “Run distance limit” In addition to this, we have a small but very important update for you. With Maxoptra you can now set limits for a vehicle’s “run distance”. The “Run distance limit” allows a dispatcher to more efficiently manage the deployment of certain eco-friendly vehicles (e.g. electric vehicles), thereby avoiding “range anxiety”- the fear that an electrical vehicle (for example) may not have sufficient range to reach its destination, will end up running out of change and therefore become stranded. For companies that use electric or alternative fueled vehicles, being able to set “run distances” significantly increases productivity and ensures those vehicles can be re-charged or re-fueled in time.

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