Help your customers cut costs and increase revenues with a reliable product and earn an additional revenue stream.

Become a Partner

Becoming a partner

Build new revenue streams for your business by making your customers more successful

  • Help your customers reduce total fleet mileage by up to 15% saving thousands of dollars each month
  • Help your customers improve scheduling productivity by up to 90% redeploying the freed up capacity into handling more business
  • Help your customers deliver higher levels of customer service through more accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) setting your customers apart from their competition
  • Have a unique product which will help you get in the door and upsell other Telematics solutions from your product line

Why partner with us

With you every step of the way
We help you with sales leads. We train you on product, sales and first layer of support. We help you run customer demonstrations and close deals. We help you with the reliable second layer of support.
Competitive revenue share
We reward your hard work with a generous revenue share scheme enabling you to profitably grow your top line
Great opportunities in the market
The competitive pressures in the Distribution and Field Service markets ensure a receptive market for our technology which delivers concrete customer value from day one of implementation. The size of the market allows to grow revenues for the long term
SaaS model
The tool is sold on the SaaS model ensuring continuous and recurring revenues for your business each month. We take full responsibility for software maintenance and upgrades freeing you up to close deals and serve customers

Watch Maxoptra Service Video

Maxoptra’s comprehensive planning functionality reduces 90% of dispatchers’ routine work, allowing them to communicate with clients and make final decisions quickly. Simple drag-&-drop functionality allows the easy assignment of orders to engineers, whilst the system provides hints, calculates driving durations, waiting times and optimises routes sequences as you go.

Our Partners

Independent Tracking
FLEETSENSE delivers a full consultancy and advisory service to our clients, helping them to access the range of benefits that new technology can deliver, no matter what size their fleet
Vtec Solutions Ltd
VTEC SOLUTIONS is the UK and Ireland's largest TomTom Telematics provider for track-and-trace solutions and full fleet management
Communicate Better
COMMUNICATE BETTER is one of the UK’s leaders in managed technology solutions. It provides solutions through any technology channel


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