Palletised freight delivery system

Over the last few years, Pallet Network operators have invested heavily, both in terms of money and sheer hard work, to establish the necessary IT infrastructure to revolutionise the efficient movement of customer consignments through their networks.

However, increasing competitive price pressure, coupled with changing customer expectations, has provided a window of opportunity for new players, armed with the latest technology, to enter the market and win valued customers. As a result, customers today expect lower prices and accurate real time delivery and collection information.

Fortunately for established companies who have already invested already in IT infrastructure, these challenges can be met through the Maxoptra Plug-In.

The Challenges:

Over-reliance on fixed runs based upon postcodes and variable load sizes means that vehicles are not routed cost efficiently, affecting customer pricing and competitiveness.
Increasing customer demand for narrow time windows and other order complexities such as tail-lifts or load types make it impossible to work out the most efficient use of vehicles in real time.
Figuring out the most cost effective vehicle to make a collection is impossible without knowing where vehicles are or how much progress they have made with their schedules.
Answering customer queries on ETAs reactively can be a time consuming and expensive manual process reliant on numerous phone calls – and it still does not meet customers’ expectations of being proactively advised on when their consignment will arrive.

The Solution:

  1. Delivery orders are exported from the company’s database automatically
  2. The routes are produced by Maxoptra based upon customers’ windows, vehicle types, equipment requirements and are shown on the map. They are reviewed by the dispatcher and sent to the driver’s navigation device or smartphone.
  3. Drivers on route can continually update orders status and report on job status.
  4. Getting vehicle locations from tracking devices or smartphones.
  5. Customers are constantly informed about estimated time of arrival (ETA) through SMS or email messages.
  6. Driving manifests are sent to the wholesale distribution company’s system for further invoicing and reporting.
Gist logo - Route Planning software users

"The solution gives us a clear competitive advantage in more efficient scheduling and better utilization of our own and subcontractor’s vehicles through a multi nodal network enabling us to grow the business and increase our market share without a significant increase in assets or team indeed."
— Mike Flynn, Business Solutions Director for Gist

Business advantages:

Maxoptra was specifically designed to allow Pallet Network operators to drive operational efficiencies, allow rapid reaction to any changes in real time and improve customer service, thereby:
  • Reducing operating costs by up to 10% to enable new pricing competitiveness
  • Meeting customer expectations on real time delivery and collection notification, leading to increased satisfaction and business growth by:
    • Growing new opportunities and repeat business with existing customers
    • Increasing loyalty and retaining existing customers
    • Winning new customers

Improved customer service

Integrated with TomTom Telematics, Maxoptra’s delivery routing software constantly updates the delivery status of each order, the vehicle position and calculates the estimated time of arrival. Dispatchers and users thereby have better visibility into where product is in the staging and loading areas.

Faster reaction to new collections coming in

The system automatically assigns the most appropriate vehicle to each new order coming in during the day. Even when routes are already started, Maxoptra continues to monitor progress on each route, the current vehicle position, orders completed by each driver and the remaining driving hours. Maxoptra continually finds the best driver to meet the customer’s specified time window and provide a higher level of service.

Less fuel and drivers’ hours

An initial schedule is produced by Maxoptra to optimise fuel savings and reduce unnecessary driving hours. It doesn’t matter how many deliveries each individual postcode has because the system cost efficiently distributes all orders throughout the region amongst the drivers. Routes are sequenced to match customer’s time windows and to always be on time.

During the day when new orders come in, the system constantly improves the schedule to adjust delivery sequence, new pick-ups, weights and vehicle requirements into consideration.
Maxoptra route Optimisation & planning users

"Magenta offered the right blend of affordability, ease of implementation and use. The user interface allows our controllers to easily input jobs, calculate routes and timelines and change them, if needed, on a visual map display. Seeing the real time ETA of our shipments helps our customer service staff improve service with valid addresses a lot quicker, allocating routes efficiently and updating our customers with changes in schedules. I believe that Maxoptra is the only solution in today’s market that is ideal for SME, but growing, companies."
— John Burgess, Transportation Consultant of Champion Timber

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MaxOptra continues to support international markets with Safetrack partnership

April 2021,

MaxOptra and Safetrack

At MaxOptra we are pleased to continue to support international markets via local partners, such as Safetrack. Proving that our solution is world-leading, and can be set up quickly and efficiently all over the globe. 

We are able to achieve these efficiencies and results thanks to our leading vehicle planning and route optimisation solution. As well as our experienced implementation and support team, who are there to help at every step of the way.

International customers

Recently our local partner Safetrack has introduced us to a major distribution business with over 40,000 employees in Central America, and with a presence in more than 15 countries, many of them located in the Latin American region and the United States.

Safetrack introduced this business to MaxOptra as part of their partnership, but also as they were aware that MaxOptra would be the perfect fit for their needs.

They are now using MaxOptra on a daily basis, assisting with planning and streamlining of processes for their midsize delivery fleet MaxOptra 

After daily planning, the business then tracks order execution with installed GPS tracking equipment, enabling them to get on time arrival analysis and calculate accurate ETAs for the end-customer.



MaxOptra has supported this business in making their delivery planning and processes easier, faster, and more cost effective.

They utilise MaxOptra’s visual map, drag and drop capabilities, and ability to calculate key elements such as weight, driving time, and customer windows.

Sanjay Gandhi, MaxOpta MD comments:

“At MaxOptra we are continually striving to work with some of the largest and most innovative brands, globally. Our international partners are key in enabling this. And our major distribution customer in Central America is proof of that success and that as a business, we are able to efficiently get businesses set up with the system, and improving their results, no matter where they are in the world.”

By working together, the business has now improved delivery visibility and GPS tracking, alongside track and trace analysis and ETA calculations. All of which improves their internal operations, as well as their customer experience. 

The business is so impressed by MaxOptra that they are planning on integrating the system even deeper into their IT infrastructure moving forward.

And they are planning on integrating MaxOptra even deeper into their IT infrastructure.

The industries that will excel in 2021. And how they can improve their delivery offering

March 2021,

The past year has thrown many challenges at businesses.

Lockdown has resulted in many high street businesses having to shut shop. Whilst others have found ways to pivot their businesses to appeal to their audiences who are staying at home.

But as consumers’ needs and habits have rapidly changed, there are industries who are poised to excel over the coming year.

In this post we will look at some of those industries, and identify how they can make the most of their delivery offering to keep their customers happy and purchasing.

Building and construction

Many suspended sites in England and Wales were reopened much sooner than originally anticipated. Which was a welcome relief for the industry.

This resulted in construction output growing by a record 41.7% – £11,070 million – during the third quarter of the year

This has been the largest period of growth since quarterly records were introduced at the beginning of 1997. And considerably larger than the previous record quarterly growth of 4.9% in the second quarter of 2010.

Experts are predicting that the building and construction industry will now see a gradual and sustained recovery over the next couple of years.

It is expected that with the vaccine, consumer confidence will increase and lead to a rise in construction projects and productivity. 

Additionally, there are predictions of increased public sector investment this year, particularly in road schemes, school building, and NHS building projects.

The Government has further promised to improve investment in infrastructure, which suggests that civil engineering products that have previously been disrupted will recover in 2021.


Food and beverage

Due to the pandemic, many businesses in the food and beverage industry have struggled to maintain customers and bring in new sales, whilst others are dealing with a sudden increase in demand.

To tackle these challenges, many businesses are re-focusing their approach and business model; pivoting from B2B to B2C, or D2C.

In 2020, businesses that have offered fast delivery to people’s homes have flourished. Alongside premium food brands, and frozen goods.

Many businesses have even introduced their own ‘at home’ branch of the business, supplying the same quality goods that they previously delivered to restaurants and hotels.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare

Due to the pandemic, it may not surprise you that the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is predicted to boom over the next. And news of successful vaccines has boosted pharmaceutical shares

Pharmaceutical and healthcare may already seeing an increase in demand, but this is set to remain for the long term as businesses become more focused on health and cleanliness. Particularly schools, hospitals and care homes.

And of course there has been increased demand in PPE equipment and medical supplies, which may well continue while we manage the pandemic. 

Also due to the pandemic, consumers are seeing an increased interest in their own health and wellbeing. Meaning that medications and vitamin purchases are predicted to be on the rise. 


Gardening and outdoor

Garden centres and DIY stores saw a 12% rebound in retail sales in May. 

And the industry is set to do well in 2021, with the gardening tools market set to reach $105.53 billion (£81bn) by 2025 at an annual growth rate of 4.2%.

The reasoning behind this is, as you’d expect, is lockdown-reated. With more people at home and wanting to make the most of their own outdoor spaces.

But this trend is predicted to continue as many people have moved out of cities or have a new routine that is based around their home. So it is likely people will continue to invest in their own property and outdoor spaces for the foreseeable.


5 things that these industries can do to improve their delivery offering

As businesses change and adapt to face new challenges and new ‘norms’, one thing remains consistent. People are buying online and requiring their goods to be delivered.

To continue to excel in 2021, businesses need to improve their delivery offering.

Here’s how:


Improve your fixed routes

Now is the time to ensure that routes are as efficient and streamlined as possible. Due to a significant increase in activity for many businesses, dealing with delays or impractical routes is the last thing a business would want to be dealing with right now.

We know that fixed routes can degrade over time, so by using route optimisation software you can be confident that you are getting the very most out of your fixed route network: managing priority customers and any route changes that have come about.


Upgrade to dynamic, optimised routes

Alternatively, now could be a great opportunity to upgrade from fixed routes to dynamic, optimised routes. This will enable businesses to save time and resource by allowing software to produce multi-drop routes in seconds, as well as taking into account traffic, vehicle information, route restrictions and driving times.

Integrate your business systems

Don’t waste unnecessary time due to bad integrations. Now, more than ever, it is important that all of your business systems are fully integrated and running smoothly. This will ensure no bottle-necks or issues during such an important time.

By using a system, such as MaxOptra, that offers an open API, you can easily integrate all of your existing business systems.


Improve customer communication

It’s a stressful time for the many industries, meaning that you don’t want to add to their worries with late deliveries or a lack of communication.

Keep your customers informed with advance and on-the-day email and SMS communications, such as predicted delivery times, and real-time updates on where their order is.


Track vehicles and performance

Of course, if you’re putting measures in place to ensure you keep your end-customer happy, you will want to track the success of your efforts.

That’s why it’s important to know what’s going on once your vehicles have left the depot. You can either link systems such as MaxOptra to your current in-vehicle telematics, or use our Driver App to monitor what’s going on in real time.


Get in touch

If you are a business in any of the above industries and would like to discuss your routing and scheduling needs, get in touch with one of our experts for a consultation or demonstration of our system.

5 reasons why MaxOptra is the best route optimisation solution on the market

February 2021,

We don’t like to brag (ok, maybe just a little…). But the past year has really shown us the difference our application is making to our customers and their businesses. 

Throughout 2020, we have spoken to customers from a vast  range of industries. From groceries to home furnishings, pharmacies to waste removal.and building supplies

All of these industries face different challenges. Whether that’s pivoting their business model, streamlining processes, reducing planning hours, or keeping up with the competition.

But one thing has remained consistent. We are making a real positive difference to these businesses

So we wanted to share their feedback, and tell you all our top 5 reasons why MaxOptra is the best route optimisation solution on the market.


-Our system

The MaxOptra offers the most advanced route optimisation technology available.

Our sophisticated algorithms produce efficient and reliable routes, fast. Taking into account traffic conditions and known roadworks, as well as vehicle capacities, live order volumes and delivery time windows.

Our innovative Driver App offers you the benefits of real-time job notification, tracking, live reporting and proof of delivery, directly on your drivers’ iOS or Android devices. Perfect for businesses who want to run a paperless operation, without compromising on functionality.

Our real time tracking functionality means that you can link your vehicle tracking with our route planning to experience the full effect of planned vs actual performance monitoring.

And we are cloud based, which means no reliance on out-dated, costly  on-premise systems. 

If that hasn’t convinced you, our system is proven to cut your operational costs by up to 20% and reduce planning time by up to 80%.


-Our pricing

Due to our cloud-based nature, there are no upfront infrastructure costs when you work with MaxOptra.

And our pay as you go model has proven particularly popular with our customer base.

We offer pricing models for companies both large and small. Without an unnecessarily high minimum spend - unlike many of our competitors.

MaxOptra pays for itself, most customers see a return of investment from the get go as a result of fuel reduction, reduced driver time, and increased deliveries. 

We will go out of our way to de-risk your investment, we’re happy to get the software in your hands with little upfront costs to let the system do the talking. If it’s not for you, we won’t make you stay

Contrary to most pricing models MaxOptra actually gets cheaper when you use it, with volume discounts for larger fleets and also reducing vehicles from your fleet. On average MaxOptra reduces 2 vehicles for every 10 used, and you only pay for what you use!  

Office users are FREE, it’s important that everyone that needs the information has it, and anywhere, anytime. Let all of you teams log-in and get the data they need in real-time without any extra cost. 


-Our integrations

Integrating MaxOptra into your business ecosystem can help to streamline business processes and improve results. Data can be shared with our system via a .csv upload or through our Open API.

MaxOptra’s open API makes it an ideal complement to any telematics, ePOD, SOP, ERP, WMS and CRM solution. Generally provided as a subscription-based SaaS solution, MaxOptra is accessible 24/7 from any web browser worldwide and is ideal for fleets of any size.

With a fast-growing customer base, all of whom need to import orders and export routes, we are continually broadening our library of completed integrations. This includes SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Kerridge, Magento, Shopify, and lots more.

MaxOptra can easily gather real time data from a range of telematics systems and we have strategically partnered with global telematics leaders. To date, these include Webfleet Solutions, Teletrac Navman, Ctrack, Geotab, Quartix, and many more.


-Our loyal customer base

We boast over 500 international customers from a wide variety of industries. 

This means that there are over 5,000 vehicles using MaxOptra. And 3 million routes are planned using MaxOptra every month.

So chances are, whatever your challenge, we’ve dealt with it.

And our customers love us! This is reflected in the glowing reviews on our TrustPilot. And also the fantastic case studies we have received. 


-Our team

Last but very much not least, the MaxOptra team.

We have over 100 employees developing, implementing, supporting, and selling Maxoptra. Our team is made up of industry experts, some of which have come to us from Amazon and UPS.

Over the past year, our team have been going above and beyond to support our customers through difficult times. Implementing some, such as DeliFresh, in a matter of hours. And running a Covid-19 support group for any business (customer or not) that needs help navigating their business through the pandemic.

And as you can see from our TrustPilot reviews, our customers love our team and rate them very highly.