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Job Dispatch and Track and Trace

Magenta’s Dispatch and Tracking System enables optimisation of the rental fleet cars and drivers assignments, improves delivery and collection efficiency, reduced rental car idle time and empty miles.

Business Objective

One of the UK’s largest car rental agencies, Avis UK nationally operates over 340 car rental locations. Their network comprises 29 airport locations and 306 town or city locations, including partnerships with managed offices, leisure centres, clubs and hotels. In addition, Avis operate 46 railway station pick up points across the UK, providing a taxi service to the nearest rental station.

Avis UK’s portfolio of services includes Avis Delivers – an enhanced rental car delivery and collection service that allows customers to have their rental cars delivered to their door, and then collected from their home or an alternative address upon completion of the rental. The Avis UK delivery and collection network involves:

  • 20,000 vehicles;
  • 120 rental locations;
  • 700+ drivers;
  • 4,000 rentals per day.

The logistics of arranging deliveries and collections of rental cars to and from customers, each involving two cars and two drivers, and the optimisation of the available pool of drivers and fleet on assignment and rentals proved to be a complex task. Being a recognised industry leader in introducing cutting edge technologies, Avis UK decided to implement a software solution with a view to solving this challenge and maximising the utilisation of the rental cars and drivers on delivery and collection assignments.


Customer Challenge

The scheduling task that Avis UK station managers undertook each day was highly complex. With the involvement of two drivers and two cars, one of which needs to be delivered to or picked up from a customer, a need to schedule in maintenance and cleaning operations between rentals and assignment runs and include the planning of delivery and collection services was not just a simple routing issue.

The complex nature of the operations itself was made even more challenging on a daily basis due to multiple trade-offs that required consideration and a continuous stream of unpredictable events such as amendments to customer bookings, unavailable drivers, car breakdowns, closed roads etc.

The business process that was followed across stations did not help to maximise efficiency and resource utilisation either –schedulers only considered and focused on their own territory and resources.

Having reviewed the operational performance of the Delivery and Collection Service, Avis UK decided that considerably better results could be achieved by introducing a new operational approach supported by the latest software technologies. Avis UK commissioned Magenta, their long-term technology partner, to implement the Wizmap Dispatch and Tracking System for optimisation of the rental fleet cars and drivers on delivery and collection assignments.

Magenta’s Solution

The Wizmap solution delivered to Avis UK by Magenta is a highly customised version of Magenta’s Mobile Workforce Management Solution, that enables allocation of jobs to business resources and incorporates a PDA-based job dispatch and track & trace functionality within the driver PDA application.

The solution’s work allocation and PDA-based dispatch modules solve the complex task of everyday delivery and collection planning at the level of individual drivers and cars across stations. One of the new key operational principles enabled by the system is the sharing of resources (both vehicles and drivers) across multiple stations to provide optimisation over the entire fleet, considerably improving resource and asset utilisation and fleet turn-over.

All communications regarding the jobs allocated to vehicles and drivers are run through the driver PDA application which was customised to to the user interface and screenflow.to ensure a perfect fit to Avis UK’s operational workflows and requirements.

Reliable and easy to use, Magenta’s driver mobile application also provides tracking functionality running in the background, providing the Avis Delivers service the essential real-time visibility and control over the operation that, due to the nature of the business, cannot be equipped with standard tracking devices. The PDA application-based tracking is a part of the track & trace module within the Wizmap solution that was highly customised to match Avis’s operational requirements. It provides information on Avis’s drivers’ current positions, historical data on their locations and the routes that they have taken.

The Wizmap Dispatch and Tracking System also provides a text messaging service to inform the customers on the progress of the rental car delivery or collection, enhancing the customer experience and reducing the workload on station managers and staff.

To streamline the process of job management at Avis stations, Magenta’s system also enables a quick and easy calculation of delivery and collection charges, including fuel costs. The fleet management services support functionality – from service mileage tracking to support of vehicle turn-back process – also enabled the Avis team to build more efficient business processes and ensure better control over heir Delivery and Collection fleet.

The reporting module delivered by Magenta within the Wizmap Dispatch and Tracking System ensures transparency of the processes and clear visibility over the current and historical performance of the fleet. In addition to a suite of custom management reports on fleet KPIs and service levels, the solution also provides a reporting module that allows users to create and generate reports on a need-to-have basis. Being an indispensable business intelligence tool, it enables managers of Avis Delivers to take informed operational decisions, ensures better fleet operations and ultimately provides superior customer service.

Customer Results

Rolled out across all 120 Avis UK locations offering the Avis Delivers service, Magenta’s Wizmap Dispatch and Tracking System is now at the heart of operations providing optimisation of the rental fleet cars and drivers on delivery and collection assignments and enabling Avis UK to achieve the following key results:

  • Resolved operational complexity and better efficiency of the Avis Delivers service;
  • Superior customer service and an enhanced customer experience owing to;
  • Transparent business processes and improved management information for continuous monitoring of the current fleet status thereby enabling greater visibility of the business performance against strategy and objectives.

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