Customer Service & Delivery Management for Flooring Companies

Maxoptra’s route optimisation, customer service & delivery management system is helping leading flooring companies to tackle the common challenges faced by their industry – load balancing, compliance, efficient routes & offering a great customer service experience. Let us help you get a great Trust Pilot or Feefo Score in this competitive market space.

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Maxoptra can help improve your customer service experience, here’s how:

  • Offer customers a selection of cost & time efficient delivery slots at point of order. Let them choose something that suits them but that you know is efficient for you.
  • Built optimised, low cost routes in seconds. Know that you can meet customers time slots with ease.
  • Communicate delivery ETA, both before and during the day of delivery, via a range of channels – email, text, web, social channels. Find out more about our ETA Website Widget.
  • Track your vehicles using your in-cab technology or our Driver App. This will enable you to deal with any issues or delays in real time, keeping customers informed quickly and easily.
  • Deliver on time, every time.


Keep vehicles compliant by managing weight & capacity restrictions with ease

  • Flooring deliveries are heavy – whether it’s wood, carpet, underlay or tiling, the weight quickly adds up. Keeping vehicles running within their legal weight limits can be an issue but with Maxoptra this problem can be easily managed.
  • Build routes that automatically factor in vehicle weight restrictions. Monitor time, money and miles easily while adhering to vehicle capacity limits and making best use of the available space.
  • Heavy loads use more fuel – run a greener fleet by optimising routes and reducing wasted mileage.


Want to run your own fleet? Let Maxoptra help you

  • We understand that there are pros and cons to running your own vehicle fleet.
  • If you outsource, there are cost and customer service implications as delivery is out of your control. If you run a mixed operation – of own deliveries and outsourced drops – Maxoptra can help you make the most cost-effective decision about which loads to send to outsource; helping to reduce spot hire fees.
  • If you run, or are thinking of running your own fleet, Maxoptra can help you maximise the efficiency of what can quickly become a costly resource, if not properly planned.
  • Automated planning; management of the delivery and customer service experience is what we do best, and we won’t let you down, or let you let your customers down!

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