Delivery route planning within the Bread & Bakery industry

Immediate savings of 7% in transportation costs achieved using the Maxoptra and Wialon integrated solution.

Gurtam is an international software developer of GPS tracking, fleet management and M2M solutions. With offices in the United States and Eastern Europe, Gurtam provides GPS tracking companies with a powerful fleet intelligence software platform Wialon, which allows them to deliver a feature-rich and cost effective service to the end-user fleets globally. Today Wialon platform is used by numerous solution providers in more than 70 countries and enables end-user businesses across different vertical markets to track over 650 000+ assets combined.

Gurtam was founded in 2002 by the group of developers who worked on AtlantSatellite tracking system engineered for Minsk office of Atlant-M International Automobile Holding. Since then Gurtam has been specialized in software development for GPS tracking and Fleet Management. The company has significant and mutually beneficial experience of working with various businesses and leading industry players such as Oracle. Gurtam team has more than 100 highly qualified professionals, specialized in GPS-tracking, cartography, C++ and Web applications development.


Borisovhlebprom, a large Belarusian bread and bakery company, distributes its products daily across the whole of Belarus, delivering up to 500 orders a day. To help manage the demanding logistics involved in such transport planning, Borisovhlebprom has been using the Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system from Gurtam over many years for route optimisation.

The Challenge

The logistics was a challenge as there were issues like:

  • Insufficient vehicle loading (70% on average);
  • Large delivery address database with continuous changing of delivery addresses;
  • Planning and distribution of the available cars for particular routes was a constant job.

The Maxoptra solution

Gurtam’s Wialon division explored options to resolve these issues. Central to their thinking was to find one integrated solution that could encompass all of Borisovhlebprom’s challenges and likewise those of other customers facing similar logistical challenges.

They decided on Maxoptra – a feature-rich, SaaS based route planning and route optimisation scheduling product which was integrated into Wialon as one solution. Maxoptra provided the real-time intelligence required, via a dashboard of information that was key to managing the deliveries for Borisovhlebprom, such as the loading capacity, actual addresses, smarter routing and logistic services automation. Maxoptra was also able to further simplify the integration process so that Borisovhlebprom’s logistics team could upload orders directly from their internal systems into the essential planning and scheduling function.

The Result

The operational efficiencies gained were immediate. Some of the key benefits were:

  • Complete and transparent visualization of all the active orders for one day on a map that updates to show events in real time.
  • Easier to redistribute orders: It was easier and faster to redistribute the orders across the routes as the dispatcher receives the re-estimated route schedules immediately.
  • An integrated view: Final reports which were time-consuming are now available almost instantly. All the scheduling information is integrated into the internal company system via the Maxoptra exporting tool, which gives a holistic picture.
  • Immediate cost savings of 7%: 200 kms were saved out of the usual 3000 kms.

Mikhail Ushenkin, head of the IT-department at Borisovhlebprom, commented: "In general, Maxoptra logistics service is an indispensable tool for such enterprises like ours. Especially in the situation when product shipments have to be performed any time during the day".

Maxoptra provides immediate benefits for Gurtam customers

Together with Wialon, Maxoptra optimizes opportunities to manage routes and drivers more cost efficiently. If you would like to connect to Maxoptra, you can just add it from the list of Apps in CMS, or directly from tools to enable fast and easy route optimisation and management.

Plan vs Fact Analysis on Map

Plan vs Fact Analysis on Map.

Plan vs Fact Analysis on Gantt Chart

Plan vs Fact Analysis on Gantt Chart.

Delivery Schedule on Map

The image shows how dispatchers see the orders today and how convenient it is to work with this list, which is far from being short.