The power of great teams members in business. Featuring Nasser Hussain and Smart Freight.

We were recently fortunate enough to be invited to an event hosting by our partners, Smart Freight, at the Century Club in London.

MaxOptra and Ctrack celebrate three years of partnership

Ctrack specialises in vehicle tracking and fleet management for SMBs and large companies. They offer 24/7 visibility of fleets and help businesses to save up to 15% on fuel and maintenance costs. Whilst improving operational efficiency by up to 30%.…

5 ways delivery operations can reduce their fuel consumption

Fuel consumption has been a hot topic for a while now, for various reasons. Many businesses and consumers alike are becoming increasingly conscious of saving the environment. Whilst others are looking to save money wherever possible as they recover from…

UK driver shortages - what your business can do about it

Lorry driver shortages have made headlines recently, since Nationwide Produce discovered that fresh produce ready to supply UK supermarkets is being dumped because of driver shortages.

5 ways food and beverage brands can get more business

It’s been a turbulent year for the food and beverage industry. So predicting what the next 12 months may bing is a difficult task.  However, there have been some key insights and trends that have become apparent over the past 18 months. Many…

5 reasons why a delivery route planner is essential for businesses in 2021 and beyond

The past 18 months have been challenging for businesses in all industries. And whilst we are returning to some normality, 2021 hasn’t quite been the recovery year that many of us were hoping for.  With more consumers than ever opting to shop…

The future of eCommerce in 2021 and beyond

The eCommerce industry has witnessed a significant shake up over the past 18 months. Consumer shopping habits have changed dramatically. With many opting to shop online instead of via high street stores.  At MaxOptra, we have seen a particular increase…

MaxOptra helps to supply water to homes and offices in the hottest European countries

At MaxOptra we are proud to be supporting one of the largest water delivery companies in Europe, with over 100 vehicles and 30 distribution centres. This business supplies refrigerators, water fountains, water filtration and spring water within Europe.…

Subscription eCommerce - why it’s the next big thing for retailers

The age of ecommerce subscription is here. As of 2019 more than a quarter of Brits were signed up for a subscription model.  From Netflix and Spotify to coffee delivery and food preparations kits, the subscription business model has become the norm.…

MaxOptra continues to support international markets with Safetrack partnership

MaxOptra and Safetrack At MaxOptra we are pleased to continue to support international markets via local partners, such as Safetrack. Proving that our solution is world-leading, and can be set up quickly and efficiently all over the globe.  We are…

MaxOptra continues to support global automotive sector with local partners

At MaxOpra we are excited to announce a new partnership with Amatec, a partner based in South Africa who we are working with to help support the automotive sector, globally.

The industries that will excel in 2021. And how they can improve their delivery offering

The past year has thrown many challenges at businesses. Lockdown has resulted in many high street businesses having to shut shop. Whilst others have found ways to pivot their businesses to appeal to their audiences who are staying at home. But as consumers’…

5 reasons why MaxOptra is the best route optimisation solution on the market

We don’t like to brag (ok, maybe just a little…). But the past year has really shown us the difference our application is making to our customers and their businesses.  Throughout 2020, we have spoken to customers from a vast  range…

MaxOptra is supporting Covid-19 testing and waste management programmes across the world

Over the past year we have talked a lot about how we aim to support our customers, both old and new, to navigate challenges brought about by Covid-19. We have helped businesses such as Charles Stamper, Holt Farm, and Sambrook’s Brewery to pivot…

MaxOptra’s predictions for delivery and logistics in 2021 - by MaxOptra MD, Sanjay Gandhi

It’s safe to say that the world is a very different place not only compared to a year ago. But just a few months ago. When it comes to trends in delivery and logistics, it’s not surprising that many have been heavily influenced by Covid-19.…

How to streamline your operations for new delivery and logistics employees

It has recently been reported that thousands from Covid-blighted jobs are joining the logistics industry.

And that’s not surprising, as home deliveries are one of the few sectors within the British economy to grow throughout 2020.

2020 Festive delivery and logistics checklist

Festive season 2020 is well and truly underway. And of course, it’s already shaping to be unlike any December we’ve known. Covid-19 has challenged businesses from every industry. From changing shopping habits, to causing overwhelm, and disrupting…

The UK is bringing forward ban on fossil fuel vehicles to 2030 - what are the benefits to electric vehicles?

As the UK plans to bring forward its ban on fossil fuel vehicles from 2040 to 2030, businesses all over the country are sitting up and paying attention to what this means for them. The government is expected to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles…

Is your delivery and logistics operation prepared for Black Friday 2020?

Traditionally, the last quarter of the year is the most busy and profitable time for retailers and eCommerce. However, thanks to everything 2020 has thrown at us, it’s safe to say this year’s Black Friday is unlike any we’ve experienced…

How Subscription Services can benefit from dynamic route optimisation

As consumers remain glued to their phones and current circumstances are pushing more and more people online, it’s no surprise that the way consumers buy has changed considerably.  For many, this means it has become faster, smoother, and simpler.…

5 reasons why your business needs SMS delivery notifications

Delivery expectations are constantly on the rise. Now more so than ever with highstreet shops closing and lockdown regulations increasing Next Day Delivery is now the norm, and Same Day Delivery isn’t far behind. Businesses are now faced with the challenge…

6 things you can do today to help your business and delivery operation during lockdown.

Here we are again. Back in lockdown. And while we hope that this version will only last a month. We also appreciate this isn’t much reassurance for many businesses who were just starting to claw back the regular custom they had previously lost.

How MaxOptra and dynamic route optimisation supports the entire building and construction chain. From machinery to furnishings!

We’ve previously talked about how the building and construction industry is seeing a surge in activity. And at MaxOptra, we’ve very much been at the centre of it. We have been supporting businesses involved in every stage of the building…

How businesses and distributors can navigate Covid-19 tier restrictions

The government recently announced their new three tiered system of local COVID Alert Levels in England, sparking much confusion and concern throughout the country. This concern has further increased since the recent move of Manchester and South Yorkshire…

How MaxOptra has helped businesses throughout Covid-19. And will continue to do so.

At MaxOptra, we are proud to work with 500 customers, boasting roughly 5,000 vehicles. That’s 3 million routes being planned every month, thanks to our system. We have worked with many of these businesses throughout Covid-19 to address, and solve,…

MaxOptra reaches milestone of 500 customers and 3 million routes planned per month

At MaxOptra we are incredibly proud to announce that we have reached the milestone of 500 customers! That’s a total of roughly 5,000 vehicles using MaxOptra. And an enormous 3 million routes being planned every month using our system. So, how have…

How door manufacturers can deal with an increase in business and delivery

Building and construction is one industry that has significantly ramped up activity post lockdown. At MaxOptra, one element of this industry which we are seeing notably increased activity for is door manufacturers.

MaxOptra MD, Sanjay Gandhi, comments on business and logistics in 2020 and beyond

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 wasn’t the year we all predicted. The impact of COVID-19, business closures, and redundancies has been vast, all over the world. Many businesses, and individuals, have been forced into seemingly impossible…

Why retailers need to start getting their logistics in order for Christmas 2020

Preparing for the Golden Quarter is a daunting prospect for any retailer. But in 2020, it’s starting to become the nightmare before Christmas.

How the building and construction industry can save money and resource with route optimisation

You may have noticed the walls of scaffolding that were quickly erected as lockdown began easing. We certainly did! While the temporary sound of hammering and drilling isn’t the most pleasant noise to wake up to, one positive is that the building…

How MaxOptra continues to successfully support international businesses

While our HQ is UK based, at MaxOptra we are passionate about being a global business. Our offices are based throughout Europe, and we are proud to serve markets across the globe, including North and South America, UAE, South Africa, Canada, Australia,…

Now that lockdown is lifting, it’s time to think about Brexit and logistics

It seems that the world has been so distracted by COVID-19, that they’ve almost forgotten about Brexit. However, the ‘B’ word is appearing in the news an increasing amount, and the date is looming ever-closer.

How brands are saving money and resource with route optimisation

Saving money and resource is a key goal for many businesses. However, reliance on legacy systems, driver knowledge, and paper-based solutions often holds businesses back in making those all important savings.

How to save money and resource with route optimisation

Before using MaxOptra, some of our customers weren’t sure if route optimisation was a necessary expense. They had relied on their drivers to choose the best routes, or had a legacy system which they believed “worked”, even if not particularly…

How to choose the best route optimisation software for your business

Investing in route optimisation software is a big decision for any business. The system may be responsible for managing your orders, routes, drivers and customer communications, making it an incredibly important part of your business.

Direct to Consumer (D2C) - The delivery model saving retail businesses today

COVID-19 has thrown retailers and businesses in almost every industry some significant challenges to deal with, with little warning or time to prepare. This initially resulted in many ‘bricks and mortar’ stores turning to ecommerce to maintain…

Agile is the new normal for businesses and distribution

With most of the world coming out of lockdown after the spread of COVID-19, and many businesses cautiously starting to ramp up activity to entice back their customer base, the expectation across many countries is to get back to the ‘norm’…

MaxOptra continues to support global businesses by attending the Last Mile Summit

Last week MaxOptra attended the Last Mile Summit - MEA; a virtual summit that hosts 300+ industry leaders from E-Commerce, Parcel & Couriers, 3PL / 4PL Providers, Supermarkets, Food Delivery, Pharmacies and more from the MEA. The 2-day initiative strives…

Industries are seeing an increase in orders as lockdown is lifting

The impact of COVID-19 has been vast for many businesses, all over the world. They have been forced into difficult and often impossible positions; struggling to adapt, plan and deliver to a customer base they are desperate to keep and support. However,…

MaxOptra continues to invest in technology and innovation by announcing Phil Bircumshaw as Chief Technology Officer

At MaxOptra we take an innovative, data-driven approach to both our product and business as a whole. We are proud to be pioneers of 360-degree data within the logistics industry; managing data at all stages of the delivery process, and taking an app-agnostic…

How businesses can reduce their environmental impact whilst successfully re-opening

It’s impossible to deny the positive environmental impact that lockdown has had. There were 11,000 fewer deaths from air pollution in Europe alone, daily emissions of greenhouse gas plunged 17%, and there has been the sharpest drop in carbon output…

What is Direct Vision Standard and are you compliant?

If you are part of the logistics industry, you may have heard of Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliance. This refers to the measurement of how much an HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows, and indicates the level of risk to vulnerable…

How the hospitality industry can prepare to reopen after lockdown

As we move further into Summer, there have been increased talks about when England’s pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants will be opening. Despite rumours of a June reopening, the government’s roadmap is set on July 4th, dependent on advice at the…

The importance of the cleaning and hygiene industry throughout COVID-19

Out of all industries, cleaning and hygiene has been on the frontline when it comes to dealing with the COVID-19.However, the industry, like many, have been through a difficult few months. They went from being inundated with orders for hand sanitiser…

Challenges and solutions for retailers reopening post-lockdown

The announcement of shops in England being able to open from June 15th sparked mixed reactions throughout the country. Many retailers were relieved to finally be setting up business again after a difficult few months, and many customers were excited…

Bicycle delivery set to increase throughout 2020

Since the coronavirus lockdown, the UK bicycle industry has seen a significant increase in both usage and bike sales. Retailers, both national and local within the UK, are seeing an increase in orders both for leisure and professional reasons. Phillip…

Why the building and construction industry will be the first to ramp-up post-lockdown

At MaxOptra, the more we speak to our customers, the more we realise that the building and construction industry will be one of the first to ramp up activity, post-lockdown.

How distributors and suppliers can ramp up activity for retailers

On May 26th the government announced that as part of plans to further ease lockdown, all non-essential retailers will be able to reopen in England from 15 June. Additionally, outdoor markets and car showrooms will be able to reopen even sooner, from…

How businesses are changing their strategy to deliver to both B2B and B2C customers

The challenges many businesses have faced this year have resulted in sparks in creativity when it comes to business strategy and marketing. Many B2B businesses are thinking on their toes, identifying new ways to engage with new audiences and keep their…

Top 5 benefits of implementing routing software into your business

When it comes to planning routes, many businesses are still working with manual, paper-based processes which rely on drivers’ knowledge and restrictive, fixed routes. However, by implementing routing software, businesses can experience a whole…

What does post-lockdown mean for the construction industry and supply chain?

As we’re sure many of you are aware, in the government’s latest significant COVID-10 update, Boris Johnson reported that people who cannot work from home, such as those in the construction or manufacturing industry, should be “actively encouraged” to…

How delivery and distribution companies can prepare for post-lockdown

It may not be a surprise to many businesses who have recently had to swiftly adapt and pivot their business model, but new research from PFS has found that the shopping habits of UK consumers have been permanently changed by the COVID-19 lockdown. 60%…

How pharmaceutical and medical companies can improve their delivery and distribution

As you may be aware, pharmaceutical and medical companies are becoming key in supporting the community during the COVID-19 crisis, both pre and post-lockdown However, they are also facing many new challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic is stretching many…

How meat distributors are making changes and adapting to COVID-19

As we speak to and support more and more businesses, we’re realising how butchers, fishmongers and meat distributors are another industry that are acting fast and making considerable changes to their business models.

How businesses can deal with delivery and distribution overwhelm

As many businesses have been faced with a global pandemic unprecedented in modern times, many businesses are seeing a steep decline in purchases and orders, whereas others are having to close doors completely for an unknown period. Other businesses,…

How businesses are harnessing the power of dynamic route optimisation

Find out how Maxoptra dynamic route optimisation software helps its customers increase productivity, improve customer service and even expand their business.

What is route optimisation and how can it benefit your business?

The benefits of using dynamic route optimisation software such as multi-drop route planners go far beyond the budget line. We take a look at five key benefits dynamic route optimisation will bring to your business.

Challenges and solutions within Food Distribution | Part 2

In the second of our two-part series on wholesale food distribution we look at how companies are using professional route planning technology to speed up delivery times, drive down costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Challenges and solutions within Food Distribution | Part 1

In the first of a two-part series on wholesale food distribution and delivery we take a look at the main issues faced at a time of unprecedented demand.

How businesses are adapting to COVID-19 and making the B2C pivot

Last week, we explained how due to the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are dealing with unprecedented and difficult times. Some are struggling to maintain customers and bring in new sales, whilst others are dealing with a sudden increase in demand. To…

The B2C Pivot

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are dealing with unprecedented and difficult times. With many finding themselves needing to re-focus their approach and business model; pivoting from B2B to B2C. This is by no means an easy feat. However,…

MaxOptra case study: Bobtail Fruit

The history of Bobtail Fruit Bobtail Fruit is an established, family-run business, dating back to the 1950s. They have a fascinating history, with their current Director, Mark, leaving school early and starting Bobtail Fruit on a single fruit stall in…

Transport and logistics trends in 2020

2019 was a year of progress in transport and logistics. 2020 is set to continue this trend as technology advances at a rapid rate and customers are becoming savvier than ever.

Maxoptra continues expansion with new London HQ

Only three years after opening a new regional office in the south coast seaside resort of Brighton, Maxoptra has opened new headquarters in the heart of London.

Research finds UK retailers are planning significant investment in sustainable deliveries

Latest research has found that online retailers within the UK are preparing to make significant investment into more sustainable deliveries.

Maxoptra Software Helps Felix Project Deliver Good Food for Good Causes

Maxoptra real-time scheduling and routing and delivery management software is helping a London-based charity reduce food waste and tackle food poverty.

The Changing Face of Delivery Part 1 | The challenge of customer happiness in the age of immediacy

In the age of immediacy, both B2C and B2B customers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to delivery.
In this post we will take a deeper look at these challenges to help you understand what you are up against.

Counting the real cost of missed delivery

The annoyance caused by a missed delivery defeats the entire purpose of online shopping. But it’s not just inconvenient - it’s costing retailers, couriers and consumers a collective £1.6bn a year.

The Changing Face of Delivery Part 2 | Five secrets to happy customers in the age of immediacy

In our last blog post we discussed the key challenges that are threatening customers’ satisfaction.
To support you in addressing these challenges, in this blog post we will reveal our five secrets to customer satisfaction.

How ship-from-store is shaping the future of retail and delivery

Retailers are breaking down the barriers between digital and the high-street with ‘ship-from-store’ - a model where the local store uses its stock to fulfil the order and arranges for home delivery too.

Coming soon: Maxoptra 5.5

We are delighted to announce that we are preparing to roll out the latest Maxoptra release, Version 5.5. Your system will be upgraded during the coming weeks. Version 5.5 contains a number of fantastic and useful features, including: Improved order item…

Maxoptra Partners LEVL to Deliver Geotab Telematics Integration

Maxoptra is working with LEVL to deliver the Geotab Telematics solution to Electric Vehicle fleet operators in the UK

Maxoptra Delivery Management Software Scores Top Marks from Origin

Origin Global implemented Maxoptra to transform their delivery and service operations

Maxoptra Launches New iOS Driver App for Real-Time Delivery Control

The Maxoptra Driver App now runs on both iOS and Android devices.

Maxoptra Software Helps Pret Deliver 1,000 More Free Meals Every Day

The company increased the capacity and now it is able to deliver an additional 1,000 meals every day.

Top 5 tips for multi drop delivery route planning

The process of planning multi drop delivery routes can be a minefield. We’ve used our knowledge and our know-how to bring you five tips for planning a successful delivery route.

What’s the future for grocery delivery?

In this post we take a look at the latest research to ask what the future holds for online grocery delivery and how grocery retailers can deliver both the food and the profits, at the same time.

Maxoptra Partners Breww for Complete Beer Supply Chain Delivery Solution

Maxoptra is partnering with Breww to provide an end-to-end supply chain solution for breweries.

How you can deliver a better post-purchase experience at Christmas

44% of online shoppers claiming the post-purchase experience in Christmas 2018 was ‘worse’ or ‘much worse’ than the year before. But fear not, there are still plenty of ways to improve your delivery experience at Christmas.

Cherwell Appoints Maxoptra Delivery Software to Improve Cost to Serve

The company reduced their ‘Cost to Serve’ and improved customer service.

Maxoptra Software Diagnosis Service Improvements for Snap-on

Snap-on transformed its field maintenance service with Maxoptra with Maxoptra real-time scheduling and routing software.

Maxoptra Software Pitches In to Improve Beer Deliveries

Pitchfork Ales has improved the efficiency of beer deliveries following the implementation of Maxoptra real-time scheduling and routing software.

Cutting the cost of retail | How retailers can get in better shape for the future

The numbers are in and the retail industry is counting the heavy cost of 2018. To help you plot a steadier path through 2019, we’ve put together a few ways we think retailers can cut their costs.

Delivery Companies Embrace Cloud-Based Maxoptra Software

Maxoptra has significantly increased its share of the route optimisation market in 2018. Following a period of unprecedented expansion Maxoptra attracted nearly 200 new customers in 2018.

Maxoptra Boosts Customer Service with Delivery Management Software Implementation Hires

Maxoptra expands its implementation team as part of wider business growth and a boosted customer service offering.

Maxoptra Delivery Management Software Steps up to the Event for Classic Crockery Event Hire

Classic Crockery Event Hire implemented Maxoptra real-time delivery management software

Should I go electric? The pros and cons of an electric delivery fleet

Last year the government announced it was banning the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. We take a look at the pros and cons of turning your delivery fleet electric.

Coping with Christmas - the strain on delivery networks

With Christmas on the horizon couriers are bracing themselves for their busiest period yet. We take a look at the perfect storm that’s being created this Christmas by rising expectations about delivery in an poorly-resourced industry under pressure.

Maxoptra Helps Flanagan Flooring Deliver First Class Customer Service

Flanagan Flooring implemented Maxoptra real-time delivery management software.

Maxoptra Software Streamlines Car Part Deliveries for Robins & Day

Robins & Day implemented Maxoptra real-time delivery management software

Is there trouble in store for Cyber Days?

In the following blog post we look at the trends in shopping behavior on Cyber Days and what retailers need to do to make them a success.

Maxoptra Delivery Management Software Keeps Japanese Food Deliveries on Target for Atari-Ya

Atari-Ya implemented Maxoptra to improve driver utilisation and reduce operating costs.

The top 5 benefits of a multi drop route planner

When it comes to planning multi drop routes, not all route planning software is equal. We take a look at the top 5 benefits of a good a multi drop route planner.

How the Internet of Things will impact the future of the food distribution industry

In the following blog we look at the impact of the IoT on the food distribution industry. We review how it’s being used throughout the supply chain and how you can use IoT to future-proof your business.

Maxoptra Delivery Software Helps Speedcrete Speed Distribution of Construction Equipment

Speedcrete implemented real-time delivery management software from Maxoptra.

“Where the hell are the tinned tomatoes?!” Our thoughts on Waitrose ‘While you were away’ service.

Whatever the household chore there seems to be a smarter way to get it done these days.
But there’s one development in household maintenance that made us sit up and listen this week…

Why service is the manufacturing industry’s new product

In a recent survey over half of manufacturing companies said their marketing could be better.
But this lack of marketing isn’t just a minor niggle - it’s a threat to the entire domestic manufacturing industry.

Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling Software Puts the Care Back into FISC Healthcare Deliveries

FISC Healthcare has implemented real-time delivery management and routing software from Maxoptra.

Maxoptra Dynamic Delivery Software Helps Dibs Distribution with Fast Food Deliveries

The implementation of Maxoptra dynamic delivery management and route planning software at Dibs Distribution.

Take a fresh approach to Food Distribution with Maxoptra

Maxoptra helps businesses within the food industry to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. We enable your business to grow, reduce customer churn and remain cost effective by generating fixed and dynamic delivery routes that you can rely…

New Rate Your Delivery App from Maxoptra Helps Boost Customer Satisfaction & Driver Retention

With social media and review services increasingly influencing purchasing decisions the Maxoptra Rate Your Delivery app is designed to boost customer satisfaction, inform future purchasing decisions and improve service delivery.

Why big retail doesn’t mean better service

It seems that not a week goes by without more news about trouble on the high street. But before you shut up shop, this may well be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…

J G Pest Control Takes Control with Maxoptra Dynamic Scheduling Software

J G Pest Control has implemented a real-time dynamic delivery management and routing solution from Maxoptra.

5 Ways to Use Emotion to Improve the Delivery Experience

How have brands like Amazon become so successful? A common conclusion is that mastering the customer experience is a major factor in business success.

Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling Software Helps Prestige Beds Sleep at Night

Prestige Beds has implemented real-time delivery management and routing software from Maxoptra.

How to keep your customers happy with Maxoptra

Today, businesses are faced with the challenge of providing their customers with super-fast low-cost delivery, frequent notifications and an immediate response to queries. 
So how can businesses go about tackling his challenge?

Mum, where’s my delivery? The customer service expectations of Gen Z

Delivery expectations that seemed revolutionary just a few years ago, are fast becoming the norm. In this post our Marketing Manager, Jane, discusses how her Gen Z children are changing the face of delivery.

The Maxoptra & Geotab Integration | How can it benefit you?

In this article we will take you through some of the Maxoptra features that work best when partnered with Geotab.

Maxoptra and Geotab Integration Boosts Routing and Scheduling Precision

Maxoptra routing and scheduling software is now available to Geotab customers via the Geotab Marketplace.

Maxoptra Dynamic Scheduling Helps SGM Distribution Boost Express Service Delivery

Independent courier and express distribution company SGM Distribution is boosting customer service and operational efficiency with the use of Maxoptra’s dynamic delivery management and route planning software. Integrated with the company’s…

SuperOffice CRM Integration Creates Synergy for Maxoptra Delivery Software

The integration of SuperOffice Customer Service with Maxoptra’s delivery management and route optimisation solution.

Maxoptra Speeds Delivery Planning & Improves Customer Service for Drainfast

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist drainage products, Drainfast, implemented Maxoptra to improve operational efficiency and boost customer service.

Maxoptra Dynamic Delivery Software Floors Competition for Connection Retail

Flooring retailer Connection Retail implemented Maxoptra dynamic delivery management and route planning software.

Maxoptra Announces Record Growth as the Delivery Industry Embraces Automation

Maxoptra is celebrating year on year growth of more than 50 per cent in the number of users of its cloud-based software in the first half of 2018 when compared to the same period in 2017.

NIBE Hots Up Service Levels with Maxoptra Dynamic Scheduling Software

NIBE, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable energy products, selected Maxoptra to manage its nationwide field service operation.

Maxoptra Maximises Customer Service & Delivery Performance for Axminster Tools & Machinery

Axminster Tools & Machinery implemented Maxoptra to automate the optimisation and execution of deliveries for its successful mail order business.

Maxoptra Launches Next Generation Customer Service, Delivery Management & Route Planning Software

Maxoptra has released a new version of its cloud-based software that provides an all-in-one solution for customer service, delivery management and route planning for distribution fleets. Complete with a redesigned user interface for use across multiple…

Sharps Bedrooms Achieves Cost Savings, Efficiency Gains and Service Improvements with Maxoptra

Since introducing a new technology to automate the routing and scheduling of its delivery fleet, Sharps Bedrooms has realised around 600 man hour savings and significantly reduced the need for third party transport contractors, saving £12,000 a…

Maxoptra Helps Furniture Designer Nomique Deliver Best of British Service

Nomique Seating is using Maxoptra automated multi drop vehicle routing and scheduling software to improve the delivery of contract furniture across the UK. A British designer and manufacturer, Nomique is proud of its heritage and business ethos with…

Plumbing World Plans Expansion with Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling

Plumbing World is employing the latest cloud-based multi drop routing and scheduling solution from Maxoptra to help expand its delivery operation. A national distributor of plumbing, bathroom, heating and plastic products, Plumbing World currently offers…

Maxoptra Quartix Integration Keeps Transport Operations on Track

Maxoptra has integrated its multi-drop, cloud-based vehicle routing and scheduling software with Quartix real time vehicle tracking. Effective planning of complex schedules combined with advanced ETA notifications already allow Maxoptra users to minimise…

2017 Delivers Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling Software Success

In 2017 the total number of routes planned daily by Maxoptra’s automated multi drop vehicle routing and scheduling software topped 50,000. With growth of over 50% from the previous year, Maxoptra welcomed new customers from around the world with…

Maxoptra Polishes Customer Service at Flooring Specialist

Wood and Beyond, a London based supplier of high quality hardwood products, is boosting customer service with a real time route planning and scheduling solution. The Maxoptra cloud based platform will allow for the automatic generation and update of…

The Felix Project Turns to Maxoptra to Help Deliver Christmas Food to Vulnerable People

Providing a free door-to-door service, The Felix Project collects good quality surplus food from suppliers and delivers it to charities supporting children, families, vulnerable adults and more. From a standing start in 2016, The Felix Project is set…

Industrial Metal Services save £250,000 with joined up optimisation solution

Industrial Metal Services - recognised as one of the UK’s largest structural steel stockholders and processors - have over 40 years of service behind them. IMS deliver rich steel, used in large-scale construction, engineering and architectural…

Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling Helps Maintain 5 Stars

Operating from five showrooms across London and the east of England, offers a range of delivery services, including next day. Using Maxoptra’s automated multi drop routing software, the UK based company is already realising…

Maxoptra Helps Deliver £1/4million Savings for Industrial Metal Services

One of the UK’s largest steel stockholders has realised savings in the region of £250,000 per annum, following the implementation of a telematics integrated route planning and scheduling solution. The Maxoptra cloud based software, integrated…

Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling Lifts Delivery Service Levels for Rollerdor

Garage door manufacturer, Rollerdor, has implemented Maxoptra dynamic route planning and scheduling software to help with the management of made to measure doors. Operating a nationwide delivery and installation service, Rollerdor has seen significant…

Maxoptra Helps Arthur David Food Go the Extra Mile for Christmas Menus

Since implementing Maxoptra, integrated with in-cab telematics from TomTom, Arthur David has seen a dramatic reduction in the time and resources taken to deal with customer queries. Before Maxoptra, and in the case of a vehicle leaving late or falling…

Do you feel lucky?

I have to smile when I see some frustrated salesman circulate the above cartoon or similar. It must have been almost 30 years ago when I first saw it, though it’s probably older than that. On the one hand, I’m sure that to many hopefuls,…

Maxoptra Powers Vehicle Scheduling for G-Force Telematics Users

G-Force Communications has signed up as reseller of Maxoptra, the dynamic route planning and scheduling software. The Runcorn based mobile communication specialist is already a certified TomTom Fleet Telematics partner, and sees the addition of Maxoptra…

Countdown to Black Friday

So, are you all set for Black Friday and the following six weeks?

If you were in any doubt about what’s to come, here are some facts from last year to remind you.

Maxoptra Makes 2017 Fleet Hero Award Shortlist for Innovation

Maxoptra route planning and scheduling software has once again been nominated for a prestigious Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Award. The cloud based dynamic scheduling solution was first shortlisted in 2016 in the category of Fleet Supplier of the Year,…

Maxoptra Applies Surgical Precision to Delivery of Instrument Management Services

Maxoptra is helping a surgical instrument specialist boost the efficiency of its delivery service through more effective routing and scheduling. Specialising in the repairs of surgical instruments and devices, the company services more than 300 NHS hospitals…

Maxoptra Helps Ash Logistics Automate Furniture Deliveries

Furniture delivery specialist Ash Logistics is using Maxoptra’s dynamic route planning and scheduling software to improve the co-ordination and efficiency of its nationwide home delivery service. Transporting prestigious brands such as Graham &…

Maxoptra Shortlisted for British Small Business Award

Maxoptra, the vehicle route planning and scheduling software specialist, has been shortlisted for a prestigious British Small Business Award. Working alongside retailers, delivery companies and service providers, Maxoptra delivers tangible business efficiencies,…

Steel stockholder to save more than £250,000 with telematics and route planning solution

Industrial Metal Services (IMS) is saving more than £250,000 a year by improved vehicle routing and driving behaviour across its 55-strong truck fleet. The steel stockholder has optimised its operations following the integration of the WEBFLEET…

Maxoptra and Talecom Partner for Integrated Route Planning and Mobile Applications

Maxoptra, the dynamic route planning and scheduling software specialist, has partnered with Talecom to develop integrated mobile workforce solutions. Combining Maxoptra’s multi drop planning software with Talecom’s Capture applications, users…

Maxoptra Opens the Door to Better Customer Service for Quickslide

With fully integrated TomTom telematics from Communicate Better, Maxoptra allows Quickslide to automatically share accurate ETAs with customers via text and email alerts. The Maxoptra system also allows customers to instantly track their order 24/7/365,…

Maxoptra Web Widgets Work Wonders for Customer Service

Maxoptra has launched a range of web-based ‘self service’ order tracking and ETA notification tools. The Maxoptra Website Widgets can be embedded into any website, such those of the retailer, the delivery company or the service provider,…

Maxoptra Helps The Tomato Stall Deliver Fresh Produce Across UK

Maxoptra dynamic route planning and scheduling software is helping The Tomato Stall deliver fresh tomatoes across the country, supplying farmers’ markets, farm shops, restaurants and deli’s across the South of England, including London and…

Maxoptra and TomTom Streamline Mobile Operations for South African Telecom Provider

WIRUlink, one of South Africa’s fastest growing telecom providers, has turned to Maxoptra to improve its field service operations. Integrated with WIRUlink’s in-cab telematics solution from TomTom, Maxoptra’s cloud-based dynamic route…

Paul Creaney Joins Maxoptra as Implementation Manager

Magenta Technology, the company behind the Maxoptra route planning and scheduling software, has recruited Paul Creaney. Taking on the role of Maxoptra Implementation Manager, Creaney will head up the existing team responsible for ensuring distribution…

Maxoptra Helps Mercedes-Benz Dealership Make Parts Deliveries Smart

Maxoptra’s dynamic multi-drop route planning software is helping Sandown Mercedes-Benz plan and complete deliveries of spare parts to garages across the south of England. Operating from a centralised hub in Basingstoke, the Mercedes-Benz dealership…

Maxoptra Route Planning Helps Sharps Bedrooms Deliver

Sharps Bedrooms has successfully implemented Maxoptra’s dynamic delivery route planning and scheduling software. The UK’s number one fitted bedroom manufacturer, Sharps, is using the cloud-based software to support a nationwide team of installers…

Maxoptra Helps Keep Ten Mile Menu Food Deliveries Lean and Green

Online ethical food retailer, Ten Mile Menu, is using Maxoptra dynamic route planning and scheduling software to help keep its delivery operations ‘lean and green’. Having recently implemented the cloud-based multi-drop planning solution,…

LafargeHolcim Cements Relationship with Maxoptra Route Planning and Scheduling Software

LafargeHolcim group, is implementing Maxoptra’s dynamic route planning and scheduling software for time-critical cement delivery operations. Faced with dramatic seasonal fluctuations that can see demand rise and fall by as much as 800 percent,…

Maxoptra Partners TomTom at New Commercial Vehicle Event

Route planning and scheduling software specialist Maxoptra is one of a small number of specially selected partners joining forces with TomTom Telematics at the newly launched ‘Let’s Explore: LCV Fleet 2017’ event which takes place on…

Maxoptra Route Planning Leaves Total Hygiene Flushed with Success

Total Hygiene (Clos-o-Mat), the leading supplier of specialist wash and dry toilets for the elderly and disabled, is reaping the rewards following the implementation of a high-tech system to manage its mobile service operation.

Your order has been delivered…

I live in a crazy world where the visionary technology providers are getting all hot under the collar about deliveries being made by drones or driverless trucks. On the other hand, when meeting actual delivery companies, I see the current reality is…

Maxoptra Route Planning Delivers Outstanding Q1 Results

Route planning and scheduling software specialist Maxoptra has reported unprecedented sales in the first quarter of 2017. New additions to the Maxoptra cloud based user community in the UK have seen a focus on the food and furniture sectors, while international…

K2B Couriers Boosts Temperature Controlled Delivery Performance with Maxoptra’s Smart Software

Maxoptra dynamic delivery route planning and scheduling software is helping temperature controlled distribution specialist, K2B Couriers, optimise its fleet operations and boost customer service.

Maxoptra Crops Mileage and Delivery Costs for Farm Supplier Zantra

Agricultural merchant Zantra is implementing Maxoptra dynamic route planning and scheduling software to manage deliveries of its crop protection solutions.

Research reveals that transport teams select routing software solutions that ‘make life easier’

Research amongst decision makers operating delivery and field service fleets has revealed that saving money is not the main objective when selecting new computerised routing and scheduling solutions.

Maxoptra’s Routing & Scheduling Solution is the Purrrrrfect Partner for Expanding Natures Menu

Maxoptra dynamic scheduling and vehicle routing software has proved ‘business critical’ for market leading raw pet food manufacturer Natures Menu.

Keep it simple… Einstein knew what he was talking about

As someone who has worked in the routing and scheduling software industry for more years that I care to remember, it never ceases to amaze me how many people lose sight of this concept.

Maxoptra Launches Facebook Bot for Real Time ETA Messaging

Dynamic route planning and scheduling software specialist, Maxoptra, has released a new Facebook bot that enables real time delivery information to be accessed by customers via social media.

Integrated Maxoptra GeoPal Solution is Game Changer for Clearhill

Retail entertainment equipment specialist, Clearhill, is automating its service operation with an integrated route optimisation and mobile workforce solution from Maxoptra.

Maxoptra Optimises Tahira’s Halal Food Delivery Fleet

Tahira Food is implementing the Maxoptra dynamic vehicle route planning and scheduling platform to transform its Halal food delivery operation.

Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling Software Keeps Scot JCB Engineers on Track

Scot JCB is rolling out the Maxoptra dynamic route planning and scheduling platform across its countrywide network of service depots.

WorldStores Delivers Optimised Routes with Maxoptra

WorldStores is using Maxoptra dynamic delivery route planning software to optimise its nationwide home delivery service.

Vtec Solutions Joins Maxoptra Reseller Programme

Vtec Solutions, a leading provider of TomTom telematics, has signed a reseller agreement with Maxoptra, the number one name in dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling software.

Maxoptra Celebrates Tremendous Growth in 2016

Maxoptra, the dynamic route planning software solution, is celebrating its best ever year supporting fleet operators in their quest to control costs, improve customer service and minimise the effect of their transport operations on the environment.

Maxoptra Expands South Coast Operation

Maxoptra has announced expansion in the UK and is recruiting new staff for its recently opened regional offices in Brighton. With company headquarters in central London, the Maxoptra Brighton office was first opened in autumn 2016 and was originally…

Food glorious food – the growing appetite for route optimisation in food distribution

We’re a nation of food lovers, me included, especially at this time of year when shop shelves and restaurant menus are heaving with treats and festive delicacies. Every day the UK food industry feeds more than 27 million households, nearly 64 million…

Maxoptra helps Hannah Foods improve its customer service experience

Hannah Foods, the family run food service specialist, is investing in route optimisation software from Maxoptra. The cloud based route planning system will help the team at Hannah Foods to continue to deliver exceptional customer service – something…

Maxoptra Wins 2016 Fleet Hero Award

Maxoptra, the dynamic route planning software solution, has been awarded the Fleet Supplier 2016 Fleet Hero Award by the Energy Saving Trust in recognition of the support provided to help fleet operators reduce carbon emissions.

Maxoptra Speeds Food Service Deliveries for Arthur David Food

Arthur David, the food service specialist, is taking control of its distribution costs and improving customer service by implementing a dynamic scheduling and route optimisation solution.

The art of furniture delivery – keep it simple, deliver results

Home is where the heart is; it’s where we retreat to at the end of our working day, turn our email off, kick back and spend precious time with our beloved families.

Maxoptra Shortlisted for 2016 Fleet Hero Award

Maxoptra, the dynamic route planning software solution, has been shortlisted for a 2016 Fleet Hero Award in the category of Fleet Supplier.

I bet you can’t answer this question….

Every day on social media it seems we are all intent on proving our inability to answer school grade maths test questions.

Maxoptra Opens New South Coast Regional office

Maxoptra has opened a new regional office in the south coast seaside resort of Brighton – increasingly referred to as ‘Silicon Beach’.

When it comes to fleets, size doesn't matter

There seems to be a misconception within the transport and logistics industry that routing and scheduling software is only for “the big guys”.

Maxoptra Helps Thornbridge Brewery Keep the Beer Flowing

Independent brewers, Thornbridge, are improving delivery costs, increasing driver efficiency and minimising the environmental impact of their mobile operation following the implementation of a dynamic delivery route planning solution.

Why Does Dynamic Scheduling Matter anyhow?

Recently my colleague Jane Geary, with many years’ marketing experience of route scheduling technology, published an insightful article: The true definition of dynamic scheduling.

Walk before you can run

Implementing route optimisation software is often promoted as being “easy”, but be aware that there are certain steps that need to be followed to ensure success.

I beat my SatNav – AGAIN

Driving the motorhome back from Devon at the weekend, my superior local knowledge of Bath meant that I reduced my journey mileage and duration over that predicted by my SatNav.

Maxoptra Improves Transport Routing Precision with Speed Zones

A new version of the Maxoptra dynamic scheduling and route optimisation platform has been released.

Tim McCarthy Appointment Boosts Maxoptra Commercial Team

Tim McCarthy has joined the sales team at Magenta Technology to meet the growing demand for Maxoptra, the dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling optimisation software system.

The true definition of dynamic scheduling

In the world of transport planning and route optimisation, ‘dynamic’ is an overused and often misused term. For those of us, myself included, who want to get pernickety about this very subject, I can confirm that the real dictionary definition…

Leekes Streamlines Home Deliveries with Maxoptra

Dynamic delivery route planning software is allowing Leekes - one of the UK’s leading independent retailers - to automate its nationwide home delivery service. The online Maxoptra delivery route optimisation platform is helping Leekes to streamline…

Maxoptra’s Dynamic Routing and Scheduling Software Supports Warren Evans’ Green Ideals

Warren Evans, an award winning London based bed maker, is implementing Maxoptra. Building on the company’s impeccable green credentials, Warren Evans hopes the introduction of the Maxoptra will reduce unnecessary mileage, help manage costs and…

Greenshields JCB Drives Service Improvements with Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling Software

London, 19 May 2016 – Greenshields JCB, one of the world’s largest JCB dealers, has implemented advanced dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling optimisation software for its field service operation.

Maxoptra Makes Sofology Deliveries More Comfortable

Specialist sofa retailer Sofology has chosen an advanced dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling solution to help improve the visibility and flexibility of its delivery operation.

Maxoptra at the CV Show 2016

Although it seemed as if the CV Show had been better attended in previous years, the teams at the Maxoptra stand were kept busy having some interesting conversations with a steady stream of visitors.

The Benefits of Integrating Maxoptra with Geopal

Mobile Workforce Management application with Maxoptra’s Field Service Management Software, enabling customers of both Maxoptra and GeoPal to enjoy a number of benefits. Maxoptra will allow customers to build optimised routes and schedule emergency…

Topspeed Couriers finds a faster route with Maxoptra scheduling

Topspeed Couriers has reduced the time taken to plan the daily work programme by up to 80 percent, following the introduction of an advanced dynamic routing and scheduling system.

Being flexible is an important part of today’s world

In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses are eager to do more with the same resources and at lower operational costs. This is why logistics companies use transportation management software solutions to manage their routes and fleets and to…

Maxoptra brings the latest real-time delivery scheduling and ETA reporting tech to the CV

Maxoptra will be announcing the latest version of its cloud-based software for managing transport operations at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2016. Taking place at the NEC Birmingham, 26 to 28 April, Maxoptra’s software is aimed at transport operations…

Investing in customer satisfaction

Two months into 2016, and companies are considering which technologies and future developments to invest in during the next twelve months. Perhaps the best investment is in providing convenience for customers.

Ho, Ho, Bloomin’ Ho!

As overheard, muttered by a not very cheery fellow wearing a red coat and sporting a white beard in Heston Services …….routing & scheduling software,

Autumn Maxoptra Distribution Release

We are pleased to announce significant progress this autumn in product development for Maxoptra’s Route Optimization Software, with the introduction of three major upgrades for operators within the Distribution Industry.

Remember the stress of the GCSE maths exam paper?

You know, the questions that got progressively harder to the point where rapidly diminishing time, building pressure and brain melt-down clouded your thinking to the point where you just wanted it ALL to end?

Autumn Maxoptra Field Service Software Release

We are pleased to provide some minor, yet important upgrades for operators within the Field Service sector.

Does it all go wrong in the final mile?

A recent study has identified that the UK has the third highest dissatisfaction rate with online shopping due to inflexibilities in choosing convenient delivery dates and time. Of those surveyed, nearly half said they preferred next day delivery to any…

“Dear World, We’re running late – and it is all my fault”

These days, I tend to play it safe when going through motorway roadworks monitored by average speed cameras. I set my cruise control at the appropriate speed limit and let it worry about keeping an appropriate distance from the vehicle in front.

Andy Upstart – Unemployed Building Supplies Salesman from Swindon ­

Andy was fed up but he wasn’t surprised when his employer went into receivership – they never truly recovered from the recession.

Trick or Treat?

According to Statisticbrain the total consumer spending on costumes, treats and festivities will reach $7,950 million in America this year. And WalesOnline claims that Halloween is now the UK’s third highest spending festival (£300m) placed…

How to be a ‘jack of all trades’

People often talk about those rare individuals who have the capability to effectively turn their hand to almost anything and succeed – to be a ‘jack of all trades’. But can such a multi-skilled person really exist and are such individuals…

Magenta Technology appoint WorldTrack as a Maxoptra distributor

Magenta Technology is pleased to announce the appointment of WorldTrack as a Maxoptra distributor for the Nordic region.

Are you planning to break the law?

Most road accidents are typically related to bad driving behaviour. But what is not so obvious is, who are most likely to be involved? Research undertaken by Brake, the road safety charity reveals that 20 people are killed every week while driving for…

Summer Maxoptra Distribution Updates

Magenta Technology’s latest update of the Maxoptra dynamic scheduling and route optimisation software platform solution for Distribution focuses on making it as simple as possible to use.

Travelling to work ‘is work’, European Court of Justice rules

The European Court of Justice has ruled that, for workers without a fixed office, time spent travelling to and from their first and last appointments count towards the EU Working Time Directive of 48 hours per week, a decision that many leading experts…

Recent Maxoptra Service Updates

Magenta Technology’s latest update of the Maxoptra dynamic scheduling and route optimization software platform solution for Service is now available!

Magenta Technology appoint Communicate Better as Premier Solutions Partner

Magenta Technology are delighted to announce the appointment of Communicate Better as a Premier Solutions Partner.

The “Ideal Plan”

The “Ideal Plan” should be viewed as a masterpiece of excellence and perfection. After all, it is ideal. Designed with care, based upon knowledge of all the facts, specialist expertise and the benefit of past experience, the “Ideal…

“Time is Money”

“Time is money” is a well-used phrase we hear repeatedly as we grow up. We learn to appreciate that our own time is valuable and it should not be wasted, especially by someone else!

The Rise of the Machines

We have all seen at least one Terminator movie and heard the prediction of eminent scientists that artificial intelligence poses the greatest known threat to mankind.

Latest Maxoptra release adds new ‘Transform’ service level

Transform, the latest release of Maxoptra Distribution Solution, provides a completely new entry level service which enables fixed delivery routes to be quickly reviewed and adjusted in order to maximise operational savings and customer service improvements.

Another very successful Service Management Expo for Maxoptra

Service Management Expo, held at ExCel London, is a key service management event and popular across Europe.

Drowning in data

Every day experienced dispatchers have to process a continual torrent of information from up to 11 different data sources to manage teams productively, react to unforeseen events, maintain schedules and keep customers happy.

Don’t let the Luddites pull the wool (of complexity) over your eyes

It is sometimes frustrating when start-ups seem to take a lead in your market with better technology – although with the advent of UBER, some private hire companies may say it is a little more than just ‘frustrating’.

Dispatchers have a very demanding job why make it harder

A dispatchers map resembles the night sky with it’s stars. To create beautiful constellations one needs time. Our Dynamic Routing Software does this in seconds.

Meet Magenta Technology at Service Management Expo

Service Management Expo is Europe’s leading event for the Service Management industry, providing all the latest information and the most up-to-date products and services for those working within service management, logistics, fleet management,…

Service management can be like spinning plates

Managing a field service team can be a tricky balancing act. Particularly when maximising field staff productivity on the one hand with carefully worked out

How to save customers 32 hours

People know that deliveries can be predicted and delivered almost precisely “on time.” And because we also apply our consumer principals at work, this attitude is now increasingly universal. The fact is that people today are far less likely…

“Only by discarding the baggage of certainty and embracing uncertainty can we make progress”

As 2014 came to a close, a number of articles reminded me of technology and business trends I have observed over my career providing businesses with new technology. The first was a report about research carried out by Epson showing that 85% of European…

Maxoptra Scheduling at the CVS 2015

The CV Show is the largest and most comprehensive event in the UK. It is considered to be a primary sourcing and selling opportunity for the road freight transport and logistics industry. The show attracts over 18,000 business visitors and its central…

Inefficiency isn’t painful enough!

As I prepared my vegetable patch for planting at the weekend I mused over some of the objections we face when introducing new efficiency improving technologies to our potential customers.

Don’t wait until you have time to “get around to it”. Will it ever happen?

I remember one Christmas morning and my Dad opening up a present given to him by my Mum. After removing the wrapping he held up an unusual looking circular object proudly bearing the words “A round tuit” at the bottom. When I asked my Mum…

Customer Experience Is The New Black!

Last month, I was contemplating the research from the European Field Services conference 2013 as I prepared for my visit to the 2014 conference (on which there is much to comment on from the 2014 conference in terms of content and atmosphere but more…

What should technology be doing for you?

As I prepare to go to the 2014 “Field Service Europe” event in Amsterdam this October, I re-read “The 2014 European Services & Trends Report” based on the survey results of their 2013 conference attendees.

Serviceline Choose Maxoptra to Turn up the Heat on Field Service Efficiency

Serviceline has chosen Magenta Technology to implement its Maxoptra for Field Service solution, thereby enabling them to streamline their field service operations by providing better visibility of their resources and availability of service engineer’s…

The benefits of measuring a perfectly executed journey which should have never happened

As you pore over highly informative telematics reports – identifying examples of poor driver behaviour, late starts from home, figuring out why illogical journey plans happened, or wondering why two vehicles seem to be in the same street at the…

Maxoptra Provides Wialon Fleet Telematics Users with Touch of a Button Route Optimisation

Maxoptra cloud-based dynamic routing and scheduling service will be directly available to users of the Wialon telematics solution at the touch of a button.

Champion Timber Logs Into Maxoptra For Its Easy-To-Use SaaS Solution

Champion Timber have chosen Maxoptra – Magenta’s leading scheduling and routing solution–to overcome the scheduling and routing optimisation challenges they faced from using manual processes.

The Era Of The Right Time Experience (RTE) Enabler

In 2012, when Magenta Technology started on the development of its cloud-based Maxoptra dynamic routing and scheduling solution for distribution and field service companies, the potential benefits to our potential customers seemed obvious.

Magenta Technology To Launch Maxoptra For Distribution And Service At CV Show ~ Stand 3H75

Magenta is launching its next generation Maxoptra solutions for Distribution and Service businesses at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2014.

Award Winning Pet Food Manufacturer Chooses Pedigree Routing & Scheduling Solution

Natures Menu has chosen Maxoptra, the leading real-time dynamic routing and scheduling solution from Magenta Technology.

Fleet News Features Maxoptra

Flowervision London have implemented maxoptra routing and scheduling

Flowervision Choose Maxoptra To Help Cope With Blooming Business

Flowervision London have chosen Magenta Technology’s leading routing and scheduling solution, Maxoptra, to help meet their daily challenge of a two hour window to unload stock.

Driving Improved Productivity, Cost Savings And Customer Service Is The Focus Of Magenta’s Summer Release Of Maxoptra

The latest release of Maxoptra, Magenta’s cloud based distribution planning solution, available from June, helps customers increase productivity and reduce operating costs by exploiting further the hidden value of comparing schedules planned with…

Magenta’s Innovative Maxoptra Dynamic Scheduling Solution Promoted By TomTom Global App Centre

Magenta’s Maxoptra Dynamic Real Time Scheduling Solution, which automatically plans and allocates work to fleets, has been given the status of ‘Promoted Solution’ by TomTom Business Solutions in their recently launched Application Centre.