The power of great teams members in business. Featuring Nasser Hussain and Smart Freight.

We were recently fortunate enough to be invited to an event hosted by our partners, Smart Freight, at the Century Club in London. 

If you are not familiar with Smart Freight, they offer an industry-leading solution to help suppliers identify which couriers are the most cost-effective for them to use. 

Smart Freight utilises MaxOptra technology so that operators can utilise their own fleets, as this is often more cost-effective than working with a third party courier. 

Our partners are a hugely important part of the MaxOptra business, so it is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to catch up and discuss business (and of course, non-business). 

However, cricket fans will appreciate that we were even more delighted to attend this event as Nasser Hussain would be appearing as a guest speaker. 

Nasser offered an inspiring talk about the power of teammates for the wider business. And as well as taking away some useful nuggets of information, it got us thinking about the importance of the MaxOptra team for the successful running of the MaxOptra business, and the overall happiness of our customers. 

Read on to hear our thoughts.


MaxOptra customers love our team

We regularly conduct surveys to ensure our customers are happy with both the service and technology they receive from us.

This offers us fantastic feedback, as well as a chance to catch up with our customers and check in with how they’re doing.

One result in our surveys which remains consistent is the fact that our customers love the MaxOptra team. 

In fact, on average our customers rate our Sales, Implementation, and Support teams an impressive 9.4/10. 

Here is just some of our customers’ feedback:

“Jack on the sales team seems to care about the customer and not just the sale of the software. He has been very helpful from first speaking all the way through 6 months down the line. I have recently spoken to him and still happy to get things sorted for me.”

“Great journey, as a Customer I felt my needs were listened to and understood clearly. The offering was very straight forward and I deem it competitive for the value MaxOptra creates for our business. Tim did excellent job.”

“Chris Ford has always been incredibly helpful and also really easy to contact. I feel he will always resolve my issues ASAP if he can, or otherwise pass them on to the relevant people ASAP. He proactively calls to ensure we are keep updated and check if we have issues. We feel really well cared for and valued. He’s a real asset to Maxoptra.”

“A very personalised approach, after receiving call from Paul. He is extremely knowledgeable, could easily fit into our shoes and offered us extra tips and recommended how we could get even more value from the software than we thought. Further, we have been playing with the software and it was noticed by Paul after a few days. He took time to reach out and ask what was our objective as he would like to help. After we explained openly, he explained we actually put a stretch to MaxOptra resources. However, without being angry about this and presenting us with an extra bill for the cost incurred (which surely took place as we realised), he instead offered a solution! FREE OF CHARGE! This is ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! Thank you very much, Good Sir.”

Experts in our field

At MaxOptra, we don’t just hire anyone.

Our team are experts in their field, with hires from UPS and Amazon, our team members have experience with running delivery operations for brand giants such as Curry’s, Comet, and Argos. 

But it’s not just logistics that our team are experienced in. Our team members all have backgrounds within SaaS and tech industries and are passionate about innovative, progressive technologies. 

We regularly attend industry events and talks to keep up to date with the latest trends. And report back with advice and learnings in our blog

A friendly bunch!

One of the key takeaways from Nasser Hussain’s talk was that certain teammates in your business should be ‘‘non-negotiable’. These are the individuals that go above and beyond, supporting the wider team, keeping spirits high, and encouraging collaborative efforts.

At MaxOptra, we’re proud that every member of our team is a team player. As well as having the relevant skills and experience, we focus on building a team that simply get on really well. As a progressive, flexible employer, we offer remote and office-based working, so it’s important that our team are able to communicate effectively and keep in touch. 

We keep engaged with one another through regular formal and informal video catch-ups. Quarterly updates. Social events. And Christmas and summer parties. 

Are you looking for industry-leading route optimisation technology and a fantastic team to support you?

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