Autumn Maxoptra Field Service Software Release

maxoptra multi route planning and optimisation software

Magenta’s latest update of the Maxoptra Field Service Software is now available!

We are pleased to provide some minor, yet important upgrades for operators within the Field Service sector.

1. Default job duration according to job type

While creating jobs manually, importing jobs from a CSV-file or through API you can use the “Default job duration” option to set the estimated duration for a job. It can be set in seconds, minutes or hours.

When the default job duration is set for all necessary job types, Maxoptra will set up the estimated duration for each new work according to the job type selected, while creating jobs manually or importing them from a CSV-file or through API.

A job with several job types will have the sum of values of all selected job types in the “Estimated duration” field.

If the job type is changed, the estimated duration will be changed as well according to the new selected job type. If the selected job type does not have any specified default job duration, the “Estimated duration” field will be empty. When creating or editing a job a dispatcher can manually specify the “Estimated duration” field or correct the default value. In this case, the changes in the “Job type” field will not affect the specified value

2. Finding an engineer by clicking his icon on the map

Often a dispatcher is dealing with a large number of engineers. In cases where it is necessary to monitor a job on an engineer’s schedule, use the option of scrolling to the engineer by clicking on his icon on the map. This option will help you to search quickly for a specified engineer in the list of engineers.

Order Maxoptra free trial now and enjoy all the benefits. Contact us and we will show you how Maxoptra can help.

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