Recent Maxoptra Service Updates

maxoptra multi route planning and optimisation software

Magenta Technology’s latest update of the Maxoptra Field Service Management Software is now available!

These new features have been focused upon improving the quality of customer service that can be provided, especially through increasing operational efficiency, productivity and profitability, thereby helping you to build customer satisfaction, loyalty and long term value.

Today, receiving Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA’s) notifications are an accepted customer expectation. Not offering them can cause uncertainty about the professionalism of the service being provided, especially when traffic issues cause delaysso often. Maxoptra now makes them easier to manage by offering a selection of preset messages so service personnel can quickly update dispatchers to ensure their future jobs can be rescheduled.

We appreciate the importance of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). To ensure a dispatcher can see when an engineer arrives at and departs from a customer’s premises within the order time window.

Maxoptra offers the option of comparing actual arrival and departure times with the order time windows.

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