Magenta Technology appoint Communicate Better as Premier Solutions Partner

maxoptra multi route planning and optimisation software

London. September 01 2015 Magenta Technology are delighted to announce the appointment of Communicate Better as a Premier Solutions Partner.

Communicate Better’s breadth of skills and capabilities as a communication technologies managed service provider, with value-added bespoke applications and support services that address everything from hardware to software, are an ideal complement to Magenta’s dynamic, real-time scheduling and route optimisation software solutions platform, Maxoptra.

The immediate benefit to the clients and prospects of both companies is the opportunity to integrate additional solutions or support services seamlessly and cost effectively with one point of contact, removing the complexity that often comes with multiple legacy systems and solutions. This integrated approach has been appreciated and endorsed already through the signing of two client organisations in as many months, one in the courier market, the other in logistics, with others already in the pipeline.

Both companies integrate with TomTom’s WEBFLEET™ telematics solution to add value to fleet-based solutions within the Field Service, Logistics and Distribution sectors. Maxoptra’s mobile worker apps are installed on the TomTom PRO 8275 driver terminal but now can be augmented with any of Communicate Better’s in-cab hardware and mobile apps that have been specifically designed to meet individual industry needs.

For fleet-based organisations who need to make fast and efficient decisions in real-time, within ever-changing operational environments to improve the productivity of staff and lower operational costs, the Magenta Technology and Communicate Better partnership offers the end to end capability to deliver the most comprehensive solution, as painlessly as possible. “We see Magenta as a disruptive innovator when compared to the traditional players in this space. Their SaaS based model fits perfectly with Communicate Betters way of providing continuous and evolutionary solutions to our clients. The increased efficiency this brings to our clients’ sets us apart with our total managed service portfolio of technology solutions,” commented Mark Dermody, Director.

Stuart Brunger, Business Development Director for Maxoptra commented: “Developing a Partner portfolio is central to our sales strategy. By integrating our technology with innovative partners, we can extend our functional and implementation capability across the UK, in addition to generating our own sales. Communicate Better’s solutions and services add real demonstrative value, allowing Maxoptra to provide a more comprehensive fleet solution as a managed service to our clients and the market as a whole.”

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