Latest Maxoptra release adds new ‘Transform’ service level

A new plan of Maxoptra Route Planning Software

Transform, the latest release of Magenta’s Maxoptra Distribution Solution, provides a completely new entry level service which enables fixed delivery routes to be quickly reviewed and adjusted in order to maximise operational savings and customer service improvements.

The new starter level of service provides powerful benefits to delivery organisations who for operational reasons cannot easily change to enjoy all the benefits of fully dynamic routes. Transform enable users to import fixed routes calculated by legacy solutions, validate them and view them easily on a map. Users can then make manual adjustments in order to improve the overall efficiency.

Furthermore, the new development enables customers to then make schedule adjustments once delivery runs have started, of particular value to pallet networks or other users who also want to make last minute collections/backhauls phoned in on the day after vehicles have left the depot.

Full Track and Trace functionality is incorporated with realtime information being provided either by third party best of breed Telematics Solutions such as TomTom and Wialon or through Maxoptra’s own native android Deliverymate App with ETA’s and vehicle current positions being shown either in tabular or map format. Finally Transform enables both text messages and emails to be sent to customers advising of ETA’s.

Stuart Brunger Business Development Director for Magenta Technology commented “We are very excited about the opportunity that the entry level Transform has to offer customers who cannot easily move away from legacy processes and systems, but who on the other hand need to compete with new market entrants who, by using the latest low cost cloud based dynamic planning technologies are enjoying greater efficiency while at the same time offering a better level of customer service. Transform provides to low risk pathway to meeting emergent customer expectations”.

The new Transform level of service starts at £10 per month per vehicle and, like all other Maxoptra service levels, is provided on a rolling month by month basis with no contract tie in.

Also included in the latest release is support for Australia, with Maxoptra already being in active use in UK, USA, Europe and Russia.

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