Maxoptra Provides Wialon Fleet Telematics Users with Touch of a Button Route Optimisation

maxoptra multi route planning and optimisation software

Magenta Technology today announced that their Maxoptra cloud-based dynamic routing and scheduling service will be directly available to users of the Wialon telematics solution at the touch of a button.

This integration of Maxoptra with Wialon is a game-changing development and a significant step towards making it easy for companies like Gurtam to access the technology platform required to give their end customers a right time experience.

The Wialon solution provided by Gurtam as a white label solution tracks over 500,000 vehicles for 650 companies in 60 countries around the world. Users of the Wialon telematics solution can now simply tap the Maxoptra icon from within the application itself.

On first tap, Maxoptra will self-configure itself in a few minutes using existing data on vehicles, depots and drivers from within the Wialon platform. This makes Maxoptra ready to use almost straightaway. Continual synchronisation then ensures that both vehicle and driver databases of the two solutions are always in alignment.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, the Chief Wialon Officer of Gurtam stated, “Quite uniquely in this market, we empower all of our customers to vote for the prioritisation of new functionality through the Gurtam Forum.Therefore, we know that embedding Maxoptra dynamic routing and scheduling into the Wialon web-based tracking solution is in exact alignment with our customers need to serve their customers well and provides them with quick and easy access to the services they require.”

Users can very quickly enjoy the enhanced benefits brought by the close integration of dynamic routing and scheduling with telematics – including reduced operating costs, increased productivity and improved customer service. When integrated with Wialon, Maxoptra plans the most cost-effective way to get the work done. Maxoptra uses its integrated Android workflow application for drivers and can automatically advise customers of ETA’s and any delays by monitoring Wialon GPS locations in real time.

Anton Dmitriev, CEO of Magenta Technology said, “The integration of Gurtam, a new GPS/GLONASS provider, now enables Maxoptra to run a real-time track and trace analysis for any type of the 147,000 tracking device connected to the Wialon cloud hosting service.Today’s customers expect increasingly narrow and accurate time windows for distribution and maintenance companies to deliver their services, and they expect to be constantly informed of any variation using mobile technology. Big ticket integrations to achieve this have been around for a number of years, but this development makes it incredibly easy and affordable for any user – no matter what their fleet size – to meet the service expectations of their customers by delivering the right service at the right time.”

Magenta Technology is present and participating in the Commercial Vehicle Show 2014.

If you want to know more about how Maxoptra can benefit your business, meet us at Stand 3H 75 and see for yourself how Magenta’s solutions are helping growing businesses make better decisions faster.

Call us on +44 (0) 20 7868 2062 to book a demo at our stand.

About Gurtam

Gurtam is an international software development company that offers an array of proven GPS tracking, Fleet Management and other M2M solutions, based on GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies. Gurtam was founded in 2002 by a group of developers who worked on the AtlantSatellite complex tracking system engineered for Minsk office of Atlant-M International Automobile Holding. Today Gurtam is mostly famous for its Wialon family of products, representing the most flexible, reliable and multifunctional solutions for GPS tracking and fleet management.

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